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The Awarding Ceremony of the 3rd International Carbon-Value Award Held in Beijing

In order to promote the companies' low-carbon development and share the successful experience with the general public, The World Economic and Environmental Conference (WEC) started to seek the best player of performing the low-carbon concept as of 2011, which points to the appraisal and selection process of the International Carbon-Value Award.

In the evening of November 28, 2013, the awarding ceremony of the 3rd International Carbon-Value Award was held in the banquet hall of China World Hotel, and newly added 13 companies from home and abroad won the sub-categories and individual awards respectively. Baidu and BAC Dalian won the comprehensive award of the 2013 International Carbon-Value Award; BlueScope and Aobo Group won the Carbon-Value Ecological Value Award; Jingdong Trade, Germany Schaeffler, Jaco Solar won the Carbon-Value Innovative Value Award, Sinar Mas Paper(China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Gome Electric Appliance won the China Green-Benefit Enterprise-Best Model Award; It is a bit different from the past appraisal, the winners of China Green-Benefit Enterprise-Green Responsibility Award are based on their projects, which met with the standard of green social responsibility set by the conference, and the winners include Zhejiang Zhongde, Anhui Changlin, Jinan Qixinggu, Zhengren Environmental Protection.

The two winners of the comprehensive award are representative in their industry. The first one is a guru in internet field and the largest Chinese search engine in the globe, and the second is pacemaker in industrial field, and take the lead to develop energy saving undertaking with microcosmic science and technology.


Baidu Inc., with its self network technique predominance, advocate the general public towards green, low-carbon and environmental protection practice, make continuous product technology innovation, apply the concept to information and internet field.


As a leading enterprise in industrial refrigeration fields, BAC Dalian is dedicated to low-carbon management, energy-saving and emission reduction use during its production and use process, which has widespread social effect and value for the country to boost green low-carbon development in the industrial field.


Chen Shangyi, chairman of the Baidu Technical Committee, and Xu Xiongguan, general manager of BAC Dalian Co., Ltd. delivered awarding speeches respectively.

The honor, in their view, is not only a sort of motivation, but also a sort of responsibility. In the future, we should keep on enhancing personal strength, boost the state and society towards green and low-carbon development road.

BlueScope and Aobo Group won the 2013 Carbon-Value Ecological Practice Award, of which the first has taken an active part in advocating green building concept, reducing pollutant emission and energy loss through technological innovation, generating prominent demonstration effect, and the second has become a ecological economy troop through increasing traditional energy efficiency, strengthening R&D low-carbon technology, encouraging clients and employees to participate in low-carbon practice. Stewart Dellarn, president of BlueScope Buildings Asia Area and Wang Bao’an, chairman of the board of Aobo Group, delivered their awarding speech respectively.

Jingdong Co. as the largest online electric appliance retailer, has taken measures to advocate low-carbon technical application in each chain, push forward low-carbon mode innovation, offer some referential information for their counterparts in terms of innovative low-carbon development. Ma Jianrong, vice president of the company said in his awarding speech: Jingdong has positioned itself as a green company, and reduced 120 million tons of CO2 traffic emission through reducing transportation process.

Su Zhiyu, CEO of Jaco Group said in his awarding speech that the company has achieved three-low and one-high innovative result like low cost, low energy consumption, low investment and high quality, and improved production technology, led silicon industry towards green development.

Meng Jianjun, general manager of Sinar Mas Paper(China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Dong Xueying, vice general manager of Gome Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. received certificate and cup of 2013 China Green-Benefit Enterprise-Best Model Award, and the host announced their awarding reasons:

As a world-leading pulp papermaking enterprise, Sinar Mas Paper(China) Investment Co., Ltd. has integrated sustainable development into its industry chain, adhered to use artificial forest, cash forest as their raw materials, increased complex utilization efficiency of material and resource, and has become the best model while transforming traditional papermaking industry into green ecological pattern.

Gome Electric Appliance, as the largest home appliance retailer, adhered to green operation concept, formulated whole set of energy-saving, and environmental protection procurement norms, tracked down green environmental protection practices in the whole life cycle, took the lead the home appliance industry to transform into green development, and established green-benefit model in the industry.

This appraisal will issue blue paper according to the social investigation and research. The low-carbon development and innovative pattern, best practice of the winning enterprises would be published in the International Carbon-Value Award Report published by the host, and submit to international organizations and various embassies for consideration.

Abulaiti Abudurexiti, WEC chairman, vice chairman of the 11th CPPCC National Committee, pointed out in the opening ceremony: the opening of the annual WEC will accelerate the green and low-carbon sustainable development process between China and the world, and pay more contribution to the economic transformation and ecological civilization construction.

Hans Dencker Thulstrup, programme specialist for Natural Sciences, UNESCO Office in Beijing, delivered a toast speech. He indicated that the appraisal and selection of the winners of the International Carbon-Value Award would encourage and push forward companies to take an active part in, share successful green and low-carbon cases with the countries in the world, establish ecological civilization and sustainable development banner, address climate change and fulfill social responsibility by social value, take pragmatic action, realize green development, move towards ecological civilization.

Organizer expressed that the appraisal and selection of the 4th International Carbon-Value Award is scheduled to be launched as of January 2014, and recommendation and selection will be made for one certain industry on a regular basis, and one winner in each field will be restricted, will be implemented all the year around, and the analysis and research reports in 10 industries will also be drafted.

The awards and certificates were delivered by Wang Yuqing, Vice Director of Committee of Population, Resources and Environment, Member of the 11th CPPCC, He Keng, former director of State Stastics Bureau, Wei Jianguo, former Deputy minister of commerce,  Jia Youling, President of China Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), former Head of National Veterinary Bureau and Chief Veterinarian, Ma Shengrong, former deputy president of Xinhua News Agency, Edward Clarence-Smith, representative of UNIDO in China, Tobias Gebhardt Schneider, acting director of Analysis and Modeling, Environment Canada, Boleslaw Kosciukiewicz, minister of the Embassy of Poland to China, Rosemary Mashaba, minister of South Africa to China, MeeJa Park, minister of South Korea to China, counsellors from embassies of Belgium, Austria, Norway, Sweden and so on.

Guizhou Maotai Distillery (Group) Xi Wine Co., Ltd. became the sole wine sponsor recommended by the WEC organizers, and "Collar 1988" and "Golden-Quality Wine" have been designated as special wine in the awarding ceremony of the International Carbon-Value Award for two consecutive years.

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